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Are you searching for office spaces in the North West? RAM Properties can help!

RAM Properties provides office spaces to let of all shapes and sizes in Warrington, Widnes and Wirral.

This latest blog will explain everything you need to know about the benefits of office spaces with RAM Properties.

Benefits of Office Spaces with RAM

Established Track Record

With over 25 years of experience in Warrington, RAM Properties boasts a proven track record of reliability and success.

Our longstanding presence in the industry signifies stability and trust, assuring tenants of a partner that understands the local market intricately and is committed to sustained excellence.

Committed Landlords

One of the standout features of RAM Properties is our dedication to being hands-on landlords.

Our down-to-earth approach ensures that tenants receive more than just a space to work.

With staff on-site and readily available, tenants have direct access to support and assistance, fostering a sense of community and reliability that goes beyond typical landlord-tenant relationships.


RAM Properties isn’t just about providing space; we are committed to ensuring our tenants’ success by actively fighting to minimise costs.

Negotiating the best terms for utilities like water, electricity, gas, and rates showcases our dedication to keeping operational expenses low, allowing businesses to allocate resources where they matter most – towards growth and innovation.

Tenant Meetings

Regular tenant meetings at each site signify RAM Properties’ commitment to fostering a cooperative environment.

These gatherings offer a platform for tenants to voice their ideas, concerns, and suggestions, driving collective improvements.

Encouraging collaboration among tenants not only strengthens relationships but also creates a system where everyone contributes to making the workspace better for all.

Fixed Fees

Clarity in legal matters is crucial for any business. RAM Properties’ offering of fixed legal fees alleviates uncertainties associated with fluctuating legal costs.

We ensure that tenants have a clear understanding of our financial obligations from the outset. This transparency in agreements fosters trust and long-term relationships.

No Hidden Costs

Service charges that cover insurance, parking, and various cost-saving features showcase RAM Properties’ dedication to providing comprehensive and transparent services.

By bundling these essentials into a single, predictable service charge, tenants avoid surprises and can focus on our core business without worrying about hidden additional costs.

In a world where the workspace is more than just a physical location, RAM Properties shines as a provider that understands the nuanced needs of businesses.

Our commitment to providing more than just a space is evident in every aspect of our offerings.

By choosing RAM Properties, tenants aren’t just getting an office space; you are gaining a partner invested in our success.

The hands-on approach, cost-effective strategies, collaborative environment, and transparent dealings create an ecosystem where businesses flourish and thrive.

Contact Us

For more information on office spaces with RAM Properties, contact the fantastic team today by calling 01925 634 442 or emailing enquiries@ramproperties.com.